By Catherine Bergman

Blue book cover with light blue stripe highlights
Insights from Above is a book of Angel and Guardian Angel guidance in the form of messages written by the intuitive writer Catherine Marie Bergman. Each of these entries were written on separate days, and before writing, the author asked the question: What needs to be shared today?

These powerful words are meant for loving actions and happiness on your part. Please understand this, we angels are here to serve you. We are here to help you, if you but let us.

The Book of Wealth and Well-Being contains the wealth and value of mankind’s presence on Earth, and the well-being one needs for healthy living. It is meant as a guide to the knowledge for which all people are privy to, if they so choose to read it.

This book is about prospering on Earth as yourself and contains Divine knowledge that provides information about Natural Laws and the Law of Attraction. The Book of Wealth and Well-Being is meant to enlighten the reader, and as a result, enlighten Mankind.

The Autobiography of My Guardian Angel is written from the perspective of Catherine Bergman's guardian angel and contains Divine words from above to be read by Humankind. 

"The world above is so below. All you see, and do not see, comes from within. Guardian Angels assist in all areas of life and guidance provided through this book relays how Humankind can live freely and in harmony through their inherent knowledge."

 Living From Within Living From Within is about achieving balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit through self-awareness and intuition. The book is broken down into three sections, each containing steps that enhance the reader's level of self-awareness. Working through the steps, concepts, and affirmations provided help to change the reader's mindset from a depressed state to a loving and self-aware state.

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