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Catherine M. Bergman

I am intuitive writer and artist with angel connections, which means I can hear and sense them near me. I write with them, and also create works of art. My passion is to help individuals achieve a higher level of self-awareness through the artwork and writings I create, and my work as a Mindfulness Coach.

Classes available...

How to Make a Vision Board

In this class, you'll learn the benefits of creative visualization, intention setting, and discuss the power of words and their use for developing a healthy mindset.  Jump on the waiting list here.

Intuitive Art Class

In this class, we will dive into the realm of intuitive art by learning and discussing what intuition means and how it works. A broader discussion regarding self-awareness and mindfulness will also be examined.

Artwork created in this class will be unique to the individual. There is no prerequisite for this class. You do not need to be an artist to attend. This class is about you being limitless in your creativity.

Note: This class can be repeated; each discussion is free-form and connected to broader topics like self-enlightenment.

Materials will be provided - or please feel free to bring your own!

Mindfulness Coaching

Do you look around and think, this life isn’t working for me?

If so, I get you. I've been there- and I chose to change my life for the better.

I learned how to be self-aware and go within. Through mindful action, I learned that "emotion" is energy in motion.

Being mindful helps us as individuals to be conscious of the emotions we are creating and emitting.

Being mindful of our emotional feelings helps us maximize them, which allows us to move up into a healthier state of mind and well-being.

I enjoy being a Mindfulness Coach - it's what comes naturally to me and comes from my heart, just like my art and writings. We are all connected and guidance for help in self-growth can always be found once you ask to receive.

As a Coach, I teach you how to:
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Raise your emotional intelligence
  • Develop and maintain a healthy mindset
Together, we dive into these key areas:
  • Through use of creative visualization, you will learn tools to identify where you are now, where you want to be, and steps needed to make positive life changes
  • Therapeutic art techniques to elevate your feelings and shift into mindfulness - release stress and negative emotions in order to increase happiness and self-confidence, and tap into your intuitive higher self
  • Recognize and learn alternative ways of thinking and perceiving to achieve a peaceful and loving outlook in life
You can set an appointment or reach out and ask a question here.

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