The Pursuit of Mindfulness

As a painter, I create mindful art, but I have learned that
One does not need to be an artist in order to create mindful art.
One, however, must be mindful first.

Mindfulness requires you to be aware of your manner of thought -
to recognize your feelings and emotions.

To be mindful is to be knowing of your actions -
Mindfulness requires intentional thoughts and actions to
occur from a loving and caring state.

Being mindful is a practical art.

It can be taught.
It can be learned.

You can discover this talent just by hearing yourself at motion-
The thoughts you think that you act on are attached
to your awareness from within.

Ease yourself into mindfulness.
Practice the art of mindfulness and you will be happier
moving in the motion of a loving state of mind.

Practice the art of mindfulness text on blue painting background