Mother Earth's Redesign

Natural Language Art

Intuitive Art | Sacred Geometry

Mother Earth is going through a redesign - and we all are playing a role in this change. There is a lot going on, and its been going on now for a while. We are being asked to move into a higher state of mind - to that of love and kindness, and living from within the inherent love that is available to us all.

"...It is through inherent love that you may better understand the natural laws of the universe and attain the ability to live harmoniously and in a state of balance between your body, mind, and spirit... each time you thank yourself in kind thought, you bring yourself closer to the love that is inherent. Once you begin acknowledging this love for yourself, you will begin to pass it along to other people." ~ from the book Living From Within.

We need to listen up and take charge of our actions. Are we acting in love, or are we acting in hate - the choice is up to us. Help make the change into positive.

However difficult for some, or easy for others, we all have a choice and option to live in love, and act in love. It all begins with loving yourself first. We're all living here on this Earth and we are all connected. Our energy is a part of all of Earth's energy, and creating the energy of love is a positive and forward flow of emotion.

Blue painting with white sacred geometric shapes