Find True Love and Peace From Within

Excerpt from The Book of Wealth and Well-Being

ONE: Find True Love and Peace From Within

To begin at the beginning is to know awareness from within. 

All mankind need be aware that there is more to life than man himself/herself. It is about the love that is ever present. It is about the connection between all spirits, bodies, and minds. No one is singular. All people make up the whole. And it is for this reason, one must treat the other in kind. In treating each other in kind, you allow for the love to flow inward and outward. It is this connection that is generated by your actions that brings forth more gratitude to you. And it is of this gratitude for which you then prosper. The prosperity for which you seek is not “man-made.” It is of presence. It is of well-being. This is the fallacy for which mankind often falters on. Wealth begins from within. It is this inherent knowledge for which you truly seek in order to succeed in life. It is where you will find all that you need to live on this Earth, and live in love.