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Artist Statement | Biography

"In taking care of ourselves, we can positively impact the world around us."

Catherine M. Bergman is an intuitive poet, artist, and author of the new ebook Insights from Above. You can view her artwork on Instagram @artistcmb and on Facebook.

Artist Statement
I am an intuitive artist and writer and it is my intention to help individuals achieve a higher level of self-awareness through my paintings and books. That which I create is and will always be from my heart - an innate sense of well-being keeps me creating for all to see and enjoy. I set aside my thoughts, and let my hand be guided to create.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and attended the University of South Florida in Tampa where I earned a B.A. in Fine Arts. I have always wanted to be an artist and am the very curious creative type. As a painter, I was and still am drawn to the Abstract Expressionist genre. However, this has morphed into intuitive creation. I now do intuitive paintings and mixed medi…

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